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Brooklyn to Berowra Training Run

Continuing with our theme of not sleeping in on weekends, we decided to rouse pre-dawn for a trip north of the city to Brooklyn. Our plan of attack was to conquer the section of trail that follows the Oxfam route from Brooklyn to Berowra, then turn around and experience it in reverse.

With the logistics sorted earlier in the week, we car pooled from North Sydney  for an uneventful trip to Parsley Bay at Brooklyn. As only two of the three of us had run the trail before, we knew what to expect of the hills to follow, and were very thankful for the lower temps to start the day.

Besides missing the first turn left off the road to the trail head, (only 300mtr into the run), we stayed on track all day with no fatalities to report. The beautiful clear skies had us steadily applying the suncream throughout as the temperature steadily climbed, and the corner shop at Cowan provided a well earned cold bevvie for the trip back North after the earlier turn around at Berowra.

The health of the area could be seen with the abundance of wildlife we encountered. Bush Turkeys must be going through a baby boom, and we narrowly missed stepping on a large Goanna, and a frisky snake that crossed our path on one of the last descents back into Brooklyn (must pack those compression bandages for the next jaunt!)

The trail was in great shape with no extensive water damage from the rain in the past month that I thought we may encounter. And it was far from lonely out there, with many walkers, and the occasional runner to be seen darting along the fast single track, or wheezing up a climb.

A final thought goes out to the poor bugger that was seen running back and forth searching for his car key. Although it was found by one of the walkers we encountered, we only hope he found the walker in the end.

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Mt Solitary Training Run

Following the cancellation of the 6 foot track trail marathon due to river conditions, we decided to go for a run over Mt Solitary in preparation for next months event.

As far as trails are concerned, this one was tricky, with the group getting lost a few times on the eastern side of the mountain where the trail was less defined and broke off into smaller campsite areas.

All of the rain also ensured that a healthy dose of leeches were encountered all over the place. The numbers dwindled however once we passed over the Kedumba river (which was very refreshing), up the Sublime Pt trail and onto the servicetrails to Leura.

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